Martin Landau

  • Born: June 20, 1928
  • Died: July 15, 2017
  • Location: Los Angeles, California


Martin Landau, the Oscar-winning actor known best for his role on the 1960s TV series “Mission: Impossible,” has died of a heart attack, according to multiple news sources. He was 89.

"Mission: Impossible" actor won an Oscar for his role in "Ed Wood"…

Martin Landau, the Oscar-winning actor known best for his role on the 1960s TV series "Mission: Impossible," has died of a heart attack, according to multiple news sources. For full obituary and coverage from, click here.

Condolence & Memory Journal

Sorry this is so late but I have only just found this obituary on the great actor Martin Landau. I loved him and his beautiful wife, Barbara in Mission Impossible and Space 1999. I have managed to catch many of his movies and I am still adding to my DVD collection. RIP Martin

Posted by Sonia Pedder - Liverpool   December 10, 2018


In memory of a life so beautifully lived.
Always a class act ,one of my all time favorite actors. You will be sorely missed.
Godspeed ,Rest in Peace.

Posted by Marion G. - Bronx, NY   March 21, 2018

Dear Family:

We were sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Martin Landau. He was a great actor. We enjoyed him on the Mission Impossible series. Please know that our Heavenly Father grants you love and comfort now and always.

Posted by Melanie James - Jackson, TN   February 22, 2018

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by A friend   January 24, 2018

Great Martin, Commander Koenig in my preferred scientific series. I pray for your soul. My deepest condolences to the family, in particular Barbara Bain, they were a lovely couple in the fiction and, I'm sure, in the life.

Posted by Leonardo Maira - Varese Italy   December 22, 2017

Hi how are you i am sorry for your loss. I give my late condolences to his family etc. I think he was a nice. I loved his movies tv etc. I will.miss him. Take care bye.

Posted by Mr jody Brachman - Highland park, IL   November 16, 2017

I became a fan of both Martin and his wife Barbara during mission impossible and then Space 1999 - he had such dashing looks and I loved his smile

Posted by Jeanette Warran - Highbridge Somerset England   October 09, 2017

Nunca olvidaré mis tardes tras el colegio viendo Espacio 1999 y, a pesar de lo que decía Asimov, Espacio 1999 era mucho más interesante que Star trek, grande Martin para siempre.

Firmado Miguel C. Rojas

Posted by Miguel Carlos Rojas - Madrid, OH   August 24, 2017

I became a fan only recently as I wasn't even born when both Mission Impossible & Space 1999 first broadcast. However after watching Mission Impossible end last year here in the uk, I was hooked & particularly with the character Rollin Hand. After also watching other films etc starring Martin I became a fan overnight, I absolutely love classic TV & Martin was a great actor in everything I have so far watched him in. My thoughts & prayers are with his family & friends at this sad time.

Posted by Pauline - Evesham, UK   August 13, 2017

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family for their loss of a talented man. I hope you find comfort and help in God during this time of sorrow. He will be remembered for his roles on TV and film.

Posted by - DE   August 07, 2017

I remember watching Mr. Martin Landau on "Space 1999", had fun watching such a top-notch science fiction TV and was glad he came to Ocean View, VA while starring in "the Death of Ocean View Park" right before the Sky Rocket roller-coaster blew up!

Posted by Michael Boyd - Norfolk, VA   August 01, 2017

thank you, Martin, for your guidance and support, candid humor, grace and strength
Ariane Von Kamp

Posted by ariane von kamp - pasadena, CA   August 01, 2017

God Speed Commander I really enjoy Martin Landua
on SPACE1999 one of favorites science fiction shows

Rest In Peace. Great Actor will be missed

Posted by Peter kenth - Drumheller, AB   July 30, 2017

I am so sorry for your loss. He lived a life filled with memorable moments, that so many people shared with him. Pray to our Heavenly Father for strength and during this time. He is not far off from us and wants to help you.

Posted by A friend   July 30, 2017

Godspeed Commander. My condolences to the family.

Posted by Angela Häusler - Groenlo, Netherland   July 26, 2017

I was deeply saddened by the news of Martin Landaus passing.
My heartfelt condolences to Mr. Landaus family on their loss: May you find the strength to get through this difficult time. He was a great actor and he will be sorely missed; a piece of my childhood is gone with him. R.I.P.

Posted by Gloria Ciccolini - London, UK   July 25, 2017


I will go through the remainder of my life hearing the theme music from Mission Impossible. Mr. Landau was always a superb actor and relayed his talent to the screen. My sincere condolences to Barbara and the family...truly an outstanding family. Rest in peace our friend and enjoy your just reward in Heaven.

Posted by Dan Scott - Malvern, AR   July 24, 2017

I was pleased to meet him at two Space:1999 conventions.

Posted by David Kaplan - Glen Cove, NY   July 24, 2017


My deepest condolences to Mr. Landau's family on the loss of a wonderful man. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Michelle Trudel - Ottawa, ON   July 24, 2017

He was a fine actor. So sorry for loss. May the peace of God comfort family and friends and fans of Mr Landau.

Posted by A friend   July 24, 2017


I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to Barbara, Juliet, Susan and Aria. He is gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

Posted by Julie Olivera - Miami, FL   July 24, 2017

Martin Landau......An Original........

Thank you for all the years of entertainment....

Posted by Robert Sprenger - Phoenix, AZ   July 23, 2017

I will cherish my favorite memories of you in Space 1999 and my earliest memories of you in Mission Impossible. You'll be missed but, never ever forgotten.

Posted by Rochelle Davis - Denver, CO   July 23, 2017

Dear Mr. Landau, thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with us for so many years. There will never be another like will be deeply missed and always loved. Rest you gently.

Posted by Dianna Carter - Fresno, CA   July 23, 2017

Thank you, Mr. Landau, for the years of entertainment.

Posted by Shelby Bush - Louisville, KY   July 23, 2017

Martin Landau was, in a way, part of my life story and of many people around the world. I grew up seeing Mission Impossible and Space 1999 and these have always been my favorite series. As long as one remembers this great actor he will live forever.

Anna Maria N. Campos
São Paulo - BRAZIL

Posted by A friend   July 23, 2017

My most deepest and sincerest condolences to Martin Landau's family and friends as he was a magnificent actor and I have fond memories of him portraying so many parts from Mission Impossible and Space 1999 and in Ed Wood. He was an incredible man and an incredible talent. May his soul be forever bound in the Eternal Light of God's presence and may his soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Posted by Gary Hunting - Montreal, QC   July 23, 2017

Marty thank you for everything, especially our friendship... You will be missed my friend...Condolences to the family, my thoughts are with Susan, Roy, Aria, Juliet, Deverill & Barbara...

Posted by Bob Kotsopoulos - Whitby, ON   July 23, 2017


My deepest condolences to the family. I always admired and respected his acting carrer. One of my favourite actors and he will be missed by thousands of fans everywhere.

Posted by Gabriela - Buenos Aires   July 23, 2017

Godspeed, Commander. Fly among the stars. My thoughts are with Barbara, Susan and Juliet.

Posted by Frieda Verbaenen - Bray (Ireland)   July 23, 2017

One of the most outstanding actors ever. Your work will shine eternally. Thank you for so many wonderful appearances. Watching you on Decades now. Rest in peace.

Posted by Joan - Pittsburgh, PA   July 23, 2017

I was blessed to have met you last year, sir. Your kindness and generosity lifted me up highly. God bless and shalom, Mr. Landau.

Posted by Thomas Skidmore - Pittsburgh, PA   July 23, 2017

RIP dear "commander Koenig", hero of my youth. I'll never forget you.

Posted by Giovanni Zauli - Ravenna - Italy   July 23, 2017

Thank-you Martin Landau for the memories, especially the tv series Space:1999. A show I still watch today. Now you can fly in an Eagle in heaven.

Posted by Andy - Sudbury, ON   July 23, 2017

Going to miss you Rollin Hand enjoyed many many episodes ....loved your different faces !!!!!

Posted by J D - Erie, PA   July 23, 2017


My condolences to Mr Landau's family and friends. What an incredible talent, an actor of his caliber is a joy to watch. He will be missed.

Posted by Liz - Las Vegas   July 23, 2017


My condolences to the family. I am a huge fan and acquaintance of his daughter Juliet. She is lovely, as I am sure her father was too. What a beautiful and talented family. Love is always with you...

Posted by Bryan Michael Hall - DC   July 22, 2017

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by G. Freeman    July 22, 2017

My sincere condolences to Martin Landau's family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Posted by Hal Wescott - Lynnwood, WA   July 22, 2017

We are now watching Mission Impossible on"Decades" channel, in memory and a tribute to Martin Landau. What a wonderful actor in a wonderful series. Our condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Posted by a fan - CA   July 22, 2017

Our condolences to the family of Martin Landau. We loved him in the "Mission Impossible" television series. Losing a loved one in death
causes unimaginable pain...but, our sincere hope for his family is that you find comfort in the love of family and friends and most importantly, God, the "Hearer of prayer" who gives us His "peace" during difficult times such as this. (Psalms 65:2; Philippians 4:6, 7)

Posted by Douglas & Cheryl - Bham, AL   July 22, 2017

My sincere condolences to the family, friends and fans who suffered the loss of this prolific actor. God will comfort and sustain you during this difficult time because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6,7)

Posted by - Atlanta, GA   July 21, 2017

My deepest condolences to the family of Martin Landau. He was a terrific actor and will be missed. I am particularly fond of his performance in the movie The Joyriders. May he rest in peace!

Posted by Marc Havenner - GLOUCESTER, VA   July 21, 2017

Offering condolences for the loss of your loved one. I watched Mission Impossible for many years and always enjoyed his character roles. He was one of my favored actors. May your cherished memories, loving support among family and friends, and the wonderful provision God made by means of His loving kindness (John 3:16) help to strengthen and console your hearts during difficult times.

Posted by Betty - NC   July 20, 2017

Sorry you had to go so young and so very well received in life. May you family find great comfort.

Posted by JoAnn Reed - RACINE, WI   July 20, 2017

Sorry for your loss
Ponda BALL dRY bRANCH, ga

Posted by A friend   July 20, 2017

Met Mr. Landau. He was a truly delightful soul. He was very supportive of actors who were starting out in Hollywood. He is one of a kind. Thank you for the memories Mr. Landau. You will be missed. Godspeed..

Posted by L E - Los Angeles, CA   July 20, 2017


Such a great actor. Always in our hearts.

Posted by Ali Autintico - TX   July 19, 2017

In the beginning to me once of his best perfomer a great loss indeed Rest in ,Peace, Martin,My Condolence To His Kin,

Posted by Esteban Colon - Allentown, PA   July 19, 2017

Beautiful messages of condolences for Martin continue each day since his passing. His family will be in the thoughts and prayers of his many, many admirers. Mary T.

Posted by A friend   July 19, 2017


RIP Martin Landau.

Posted by Kathryn East - San Diego, CA   July 19, 2017

Deepest sympathies to his ex Barbara Bain and his two lovely daughters and their families. He was a wonderful actor who brought amazing charisma to every role he played. He was my first crush back in the 70s, playing the intrepid and humane Commander Koenig. Every role he took he injected with life, and the universe is a little darker for his passing.

Posted by Molly Bennington-Carlisle - San Diego, CA   July 19, 2017


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   July 19, 2017

Such a big piece of my childhood in the 70's, He will be missed. Prayers for the family. Tammie Bidwell Major, Kansas.

Posted by A friend   July 19, 2017


Will never forget you ~

Posted by Jane Dowling - CT   July 19, 2017

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by - OH   July 19, 2017

The Great Commander Koening will always in my thoughts.

Posted by Mauro Di Lullo - Glasgow   July 19, 2017

Thank you Martin for all the Dreams i did with yours movies. Once we met for a moment in Rome and I understod you were a great person .
A worderfull actor a marvelous person .
I will miss you .
Concolence to the family

Posted by Daniela - Italy   July 19, 2017

Dear Landau Family,
So sorry to hear of the passing of such a wonderful actor. Please accept my sincere condolences and may God grant you peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   July 19, 2017


Thank You for all the accomplishments that you did in "Mission: Impossible" and "Space 1999" as a wonderful actor. You will be remembered as one of the most cherished actors of all time.
So your prayers go out to your family, and REST IN PEACE!

Posted by Donna James - Wilmington, NC   July 19, 2017

Truly saddened to hear about Martin Landau's passing. His fine legacy will surely be remembered. May he forever be in our hearts and in God's book of life.

Posted by A friend   July 19, 2017

Deeply saddened by Mr.Landau's passing. One of my favorite actors ever. Always played his roles with class and dignity and professionalism. Thoughts and prayers to his family. We have lost a very special person.

Posted by Darren Muller - Saskatoon, SK   July 18, 2017

Shine bright for all to see. You will be missed

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

I extend my deepest sympathy in the passing of great actor, I loved his character in mission impossible, may God comfort the family during this most difficult time.

Posted by c kennedy - newark, NJ   July 18, 2017

My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

I adored you in will truly be missed.thanks for sharing your amazing talent with the world.

Posted by A Stowe - Anderson, SC   July 18, 2017

May the God of all peace bring comfort to the Landau family and friends at this difficult time.

Posted by Carlotta    July 18, 2017


Mr Landau was a great actor and I enjoyed his movies. May the God of comfort be with his family and friends at this difficult time. God love you.

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

I am so sad to hear this news. What a magnificent actor who obviously had a passion for his work. So many remarkable roles with Rollin Hand in Mission Impossible being my favorite. I send my sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by Patricia Seattle - First Name, WA   July 18, 2017

What a great man. He was part of my childhood. Can never forget him. A great man. A great personality. MAYER SASSON FROM CANADA

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

To Martin's daughters: He will be remembered as a great actor and a gentle man. Memories of your beloved father will always be with you to help ease the pain of his passing. A Fan

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

Posted by Tim Barry    July 18, 2017

I thoroughly watching him in films. He was a very talented actor.

Posted by Mary Kaye Tabler - Keystone Heights, FL   July 18, 2017

, ( ) .

Posted by Feivel Gornischt - Israel - Acquaintance   July 18, 2017


He was an amazing actor.He leaves an amazing body of work as well.condolences to his family.God Bless! Rest in Peace Sir.!

Posted by STEVE ALTAMONTE SP - sprinh, FL   July 18, 2017

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Martin. His contributions to the entertainment world will not be forgotten. Rest assured life smprecious to our Creator. He promises to act in our behalf.
1 Corinthians 15:26

Posted by Christian    July 18, 2017

He was great in every role he ever played.
Many years ago when young Robbie Benson first arrived on the Hollywood scene I wondered if perhaps Landau was Robbie's father, they looked so much alike.

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

Who didn't love Martin Landau in Mission Impossible!
May the family find comfort in the
words Jesus spoke at John 6:44.
My condolences to family, friends
and fans.

Posted by Mignon Clark    July 18, 2017

I grew up watching Martin Landau on The Outer Limits and then on Mission Impossible. An excellent actor. He will be missed.

Posted by Pete Baumgartner - McHenry, IL   July 18, 2017

Condolences to the family. No matter who we are we all share the pain of losing loved ones in death. May you find comfort in knowing that soon we will have endless life here on this planet. Ps. 37:10,11,29.
R. T., Mich

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

Mr. Landau impressed me from the moment I saw him on an episode of "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." He was so gifted in many fields and so admirable in how he didn't try to exploit his friendships with James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. Now he will be reunited with them again.
Condolences to his family, beloved friends, admirers, colleagues and fans everywhere.

Posted by MD admirer    July 18, 2017


I watched "Space 1999" religiously. He will be missed

Posted by Terri Jett - Salem, VA   July 18, 2017

I wish to offer my condolences to the family for your loss of loved one. May you find comfort in the thought that others share your loss. He will be missed. Matthew 11:28,29,30,

Posted by - GA   July 18, 2017

C'était un grand acteur! Merci pour tout!
He was great, thank you

Famille COSME ( Paris, France)

Posted by A friend   July 18, 2017

I grew up watching and admiring MARTIN LANDAU's performances. Really liked MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, and just finished binge watching season one of SPACE 1999 when I heard Martin had passed. I was so sadden and shocked. Condolences to the family ...thank you for all the childhood memories Martin I will miss you!

Posted by Samuel Burton - Amarillo, TX   July 17, 2017

What an actor! He will be appreciated.

Posted by Anita Farcinade - Sulphur Springs, TX - Acquaintance   July 17, 2017

Goodnight, Commander Koenig. Thanks for making my youth full of imagination and dreams of a bright future full of eagles and moon bases. Now you indeed travel among the stars. Rest Well.

Posted by F Montag - AZ   July 17, 2017


Farewell to a wonderful actor. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Sheila - L.A., CA   July 17, 2017


I enjoyed watching him play in Mission Impossible and space 1999 he is a great actor and will be well miss rest in peace Martin Landau

Posted by Sunday Skinner - Brea, CA   July 17, 2017

The world has lost a true legend! Martin Landau has left such an amazing body of work, but Rollin Hand and Mission Impossible will always be my favorite. My deepest sympathy and prayers to his family...

Posted by Susan Buffington - Raleigh, NC   July 17, 2017

Great actor. My sympathies to the family.

Posted by Ruth Pesack - Shorewood, Illinois   July 17, 2017

I adore both Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. I am deeply saddened by his passing. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Posted by - New Canaan, CT   July 17, 2017


My heart felt wishes to Martin Landau's Family and Friends for Sweet Memories & comfort.
Martin Rest in Peace.

Posted by Carol Woelm - Laguna Woods, CA   July 17, 2017

Dear Landau Family Rory and I wish to express our condolences's on the loss of Martin Landau.he'll be surely missed very much.what a great actor.luv,faith/rory

Posted by faith/rory tobin/dockett - brighton/newton centre, MA   July 17, 2017

I had the honor of meeting my Mr. Landau in the elevator at Sax 5th Ave in 1992, he was such a gentlemen and wonderful to talk with. RIP Mr. Landau.

Posted by Karen Rose - North Kingstown, RI - Acquaintance   July 17, 2017

I just adored this man's acting. He was great in North by northwest and Nevada Smith. Great actor. I will miss Martin L. We are losing all of our good actors. R.I.P so sorry for his family.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

Martin was an outstanding talent. His family and the world have lost a beloved gentleman. May his family and friends be surrounded by love at this very sorrowful time. Jane M.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

"My heart goes out to susan and juliet."

Posted by Nikea Griffin - Charleston, SC   July 17, 2017

Rest in peace , You will be missed .Our condolences to your Family

Posted by Patricia&William Hansen - Ft.Lauderdale, FL   July 17, 2017


MARTIN was so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on the screen, those who live no more, still remain within our thoughts, our words and our hearts......PRAYERS and BLESSINGS

Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   July 17, 2017

Martin Landau also did a episode in 1963 The Outer Limits. The episode called The Man Who Was Never Born. I think it helped him think of himself as a master of changing faces. Loved his roles in Mission Impossible. I'm still watching those episodes on CBS ALL Access

Posted by Marc Freedman - Philadelphia, PA   July 17, 2017

Martin Landau family, so sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathies to your family and friends. May the God of all comfort comfort and strengthen you all at this most difficult time. I know that you will find comfort from the memories that you have made together and may they last a lifetime.

Posted by C C    July 17, 2017

So sorry to hear this news. Martin Landau acted from an inner empathy, a spark of creativity and the confidence of becoming all consumed in the role. We never knew which part was acting and which part was him. I guess that's the perfect description of a perfect actor.

To his family, we all grieve your loss. To the world, it has been made better by his having been here.

God bless his memory.

Posted by Jeffrey Palmer - Middletown, CT   July 17, 2017

Rest In Peace Commander. Thinking of you family at this sad time.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

A great loss. Forever part of space as Commander John Koenig from my childhood's and later's favorite series, Space:1999. He made me dream and leave this world, just as he has now. Sincere condolences to his family.

Posted by CHANTAL BATTISTON - FRANCE   July 17, 2017

Sorry for there loss. .amen

Posted by Edward Adams - Rumford, ME   July 17, 2017

The legendary Mr. Martin Landau was
one of my favorite actors.
In the winter I always find time to
look at movies, and one year I took
to watching Mission Impossible and
loved Martin Landau's role as Rollin
Hands. He will be missed .
May Barbara and the family find
comfort in the words Jesus spoke
at John 6:44.

Posted by DH - OH   July 17, 2017

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

I'm sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort provide you with the Love and Support that you may need. A beautiful actor.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

Sincere condolenses to the family
I-I myself am the One that is comforting you people"Isaiah 51 : 12

Posted by Rhj - Fla   July 17, 2017


Prayers, thoughts & deepest condolences go out to the family, friends & associates of the wonderful Martin Landau. He was perfection in "North by Northwest", "Ed Wood", and especially as Judah in "Crimes & Misdemeanors"
He will truly be missed, but his body of wonderful work will live on as his legacy. May his blessed memory be a comfort to his loved ones & may he rest in eternal peace.

Posted by Nancy Woodwell-Freedman - Sandy Hook, CT   July 17, 2017


I enjoyed his portrayal of Commander Koenig on Space 1999

He brought depth - honesty and empathy to the show and was

a true gem among the stars in sky and entertainment business.

Posted by Duane Boda - Marquette, MI   July 17, 2017

Truly a great actor and great person.Rest in Peace.

Posted by Pete Stafford - Bulloch Co., GA   July 17, 2017

My sincere condolences to Martin Landau's family and friends. Our family were always big fans of his, especially Mission Impossible, and really admired his professionalism. I loved his smile; it just seemed genuine.
May you all find peace with your special memories, and may he rest in peace.

Posted by Christine - CA   July 17, 2017

Family and Friends of Martin
He will be deeply missed. I love watching him in movies.
He was a great actor. God be with the family.

Posted by Joiner - Memphis, TN   July 17, 2017


Godspeed Martin, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   July 17, 2017


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   July 17, 2017

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by Hope Constant-Carter - Fort Washington, MD   July 17, 2017

Martin, you will be missed. I have been a fan of yours since day 1.May you find comfort in God's arms;for Heaven has claimed sooo many of the GOOD ONES. To your grieving family I send my deepest condolences. Your ancestor will now look out for you until you meet again.

GB in Colonie,NY

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

My deepest condolences to the entire family and friends!

Posted by Sandy McGregor - Winooski, VT   July 17, 2017

I will always remember the time in Eureka Ca that you held the door open for me at a restaurant in old town....thank you for the smile...

Posted by carrie simpson - Hydesville, CA   July 17, 2017


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - St.Agatha, ME   July 17, 2017


To The Family,
Our family sends our deepest, hearfelt condolences at this sorrowful time of bereavement. I will forever cherish my memories of Mr. Landau as "Rollin Hand" from the Mission Impossible T.V. series. I loved those masks and the way they would con the enemies. May his spirit forever surround all of you during this time; if you keep all of your precious memories within your hearts, minds & souls Mr. Landau will always live in those special places. RIP Martin

Posted by Carolyn Murray & Family - Troy, NY   July 17, 2017

We'll miss you !

Posted by Adrian Barnette - Topeka, KS   July 17, 2017

Wow was sorry to he about his passing. He was a great actor may he rest in peace.Praying for his family may God strength and comfort you doing this time of loss.

Posted by Norma Osborne - Nashville, TN   July 17, 2017

R.I.P. Martin Landau, prayers for your family.

Posted by Sharon and Carl Casey - Kalispell, MT   July 17, 2017




Posted by HARRIET BROWN - MACON, GA   July 17, 2017

He was a great and gifted Actor. May your hearts be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times you shared together as you celebrate a life well lived and loved by many. Psalms 90:10.

Posted by AC - GA   July 17, 2017

One of my favorite actors ever. Whatever part he played you could vision him as being that in real life.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017


A favorite actor of mine,fell in love with him in Mission Impossible. My condolences to his family and friends. "What a life". J Lewis

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017


You are one of my heroes. I'll miss you. Rest In Peace.

Posted by - WV   July 17, 2017



Posted by JULIE ROSARIO - BETHLEHEM, PA   July 17, 2017

Always my favorite on Mission Impossible, he was versatile and incredibly talented. A huge loss for the acting community.

Posted by Wanda - KS   July 17, 2017


Posted by Linda Tracy - Cleveland, OH   July 17, 2017


To the Family, my sympathy.
For years, I knew Martin's first Cousin, Larue.
Hopefully, on the Other Side they are happily united.
Larue enjoyed chatting about her Cousin.

Posted by Patricia Barbee - Savannah   July 17, 2017


He was a great actor he will be missed I loved Mission Impossible.

Posted by Debra Third - Anniston, AL   July 17, 2017

My sympathy to the family.May Almighty God give you the strength to endure until his promises are fulfilled.Isaiah 35:5,6

Posted by Gabriella    July 17, 2017

His work throughout the years was always
My condolences to his Daughters.

Posted by Marcus Balkin - Palm Desert, CA   July 17, 2017


So sorry to learn of Martin Landau's passing. I especially enjoyed his TV screen performances as the sadistic cowboy in an early "Twilight Zone" episode and in the dual role of twins in a "Columbo" segment. Mr. Landau was a wonderful and gifted talent, and he leaves a fine legacy for us to enjoy.

Posted by Les Breese - Monmouth Junction, NJ   July 17, 2017

Thanks for all the good memories. A truly gifted actor. May all the good memories help your family thru this difficult lass. RIP.

Posted by Pam Sheppard    July 17, 2017

A fine actor and a gentleman.
I had occasion to talk with him. No airs, no attitude. A straightforward, serious man. RIP, Sir.

Posted by John Lapin - Costilla, NM   July 17, 2017

Great actor Enjoyed watching him on Mission Impossible and Ed Wood He will be missed

Posted by Lynn Ford - Va Beach, VA   July 17, 2017

Sorry for your loss. May our loving God and Father give you comfort now and the days ahead.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

I offer my condolences. May your family find peace and comfort in knowing all sickness, all pain and death will one day be no more.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017

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Martin Landau, the Oscar-winning actor known best for his role on the 1960s TV series “Mission: Impossible,” has died of a heart attack, according to multiple news sources. He was 89.