Condolence & Memory Journal

Thank you Mr Sallis for the laughs you gave me whilst watching Last Of The Summer Wine I am sure your still walking the yorkshire hills you came to love,my thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones.

Posted by Wendy Allerby - Raetihi NZ   October 21, 2017

My favorite of all time

Posted by Ann Jaque - Ontario, NT   September 14, 2017

This wonderful man has entertained me for the last 15 years along with his cronies of Last of the Summer Wine. And I will remember him as Ratty in Wind in the Willows, and Wallace. Many of us Canadians truly enjoy British humor and those wonderful English actors and actresses. Bless you Cleggy for all the fun you gave us.

Posted by Whanda Newman - Kingsville, ON   August 24, 2017

A lovely man when I met him it is a said loss .he will always be in my thoughts. He can now wander the hills with Bill and foggy.

Posted by Paul Hunt - Nottingham, BC   August 13, 2017

I was a good friend of his while he stayed in Holmfirth as a drinking partner. Had lots of laughs, what a lovely man. So sad to hear about is death. Rest in peace my friend. Sheila x

Posted by A friend   July 22, 2017

Sadly missed. Thanks for the laughter you gave. Rest in peace. You will never know how much Joy you gave.

Posted by Gary Jefferson - Doncaster   July 21, 2017

Posted by Eddie Cowgill    July 11, 2017

Such sad news to hear. I hope you are able to draw joy and comfort from memories of all the happiness he brought to others.
Matthew 11:28-30

Posted by A friend   July 10, 2017

RIP Cleggy! Thanks for all the wonderful shows you were able to be involved in and for keeping up with Howard!

Posted by A friend   July 01, 2017

Never had the pleasure to meet this exceptional actor and beautiful soul Peter Sallis. So much happiness to so many people in the world with his portrayal of Cleggie in Last of the Summer Wine.
Definitely my favourite character and actor.
May you Rest in Peace and I hope I will have the honour to meet you in heaven and have a chat. Always felt like you were an old friend. If only. Your innocence and sense of humour in Last of the Summer Wine was a beautiful gift. Thank you so much Peter Sallis. Bye for now. xxx

Posted by Jacki Snook - Birmingham UK, UM   June 29, 2017

I extend my most sincere condolences to the friends and family of Mr. Sallis. May you remember all the wonderful moments spent together as you cope (Psalm 90:10).

Posted by GB - NY   June 27, 2017

Another great loss of a gifted actor, I absolutely loved last of the summer wine the great trio of compo, cleggy and foggy truly missed on TV, may the good lord bless and keep you till we meet again.

Posted by Damien McCaffrey - Fermanagh, Northern Ireland   June 25, 2017

"See ya Cleggy & Compo"... My favorite show, Last Of The Summer Wine and the episode,Eulogy to Wellies.most all of the original cast members are gone now and the show is really missed. Here's to you Peter and all of the original cast members that have gone before you. He made us laugh and you made us cry but most of all you meet us enjoy life.

Posted by Paul T. Sumler - Caldwell, OH - Friend   June 15, 2017

I did not discover British Sitcoms until around 2002. I have immensely enjoyed Lats of Summer Wine with Cleggy, Compo and Blamire (as well as Foggy).I was a faithful viewer of this program through the station of UNC TV, NC.
I was among the hoards who grieved at the loss of the sitcom's favorite stars, Mrs. Batty, Compo, Sid, Jane Freeman (Ivy) and Frank Thornton, and now, Peter Sallis. May the Lord richly bless Peter's family and give them peace.

Posted by Robert Philbeck - Forest City, NC   June 15, 2017

Favorite on last of the summer wine.

Posted by Patricia Rutherford - Antioch, TN   June 13, 2017

I'm so sorry for your loss. Rev. 2:7 says, "Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations: To the one who conquers I will grant to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God."

Posted by A friend   June 12, 2017

Heartfelt condolences are extended to your family at this difficult time. Seek the love and support God provides to help you cope during this time - Psalms 29:11

Posted by A friend   June 11, 2017

I enjoyed watching Mr Sallis in Last of the Summer Wine and I'm genuinely sorry to hear of his passing. What a wonderful active life he led. He will be missed. I extend my condolences to the Sallis family.

Posted by Anna - Las Vegas, NV   June 11, 2017

We are so sorry to hear about Mr. Sallis passing. We will miss him so much. He was such a kind man with a heart of gold and a lot of GODS love in his heart. Rest I peace Peter u are now one of the LORDS angels. The Sallis family are in our prayers.

Posted by Terri Zezza - Exeter, PA   June 10, 2017


With Deepest Sympathy.
R.I.P. Peter Sallis.

Posted by Judy LeMasters - Webster Springs, WV   June 10, 2017

Elton john said it best how wonderful life is while your in the world.ezsrl

Posted by Earl Bailey - Man, WV   June 09, 2017

My prayers are with the family of Mr. Sallis. Please accept my condolences.

Posted by A friend   June 09, 2017

Celebrating a life well lived. We will cherish the memories forever.

Posted by - Ellenwood, GA   June 09, 2017

Dear Sallis family,Please accept my deepest condolences.
It was always a pleasure to watch this fine actor at work. His comedic timing was spot on! I'll miss you kind sir. RIP

Posted by Larry Larsen - Salt Lake City, UT   June 08, 2017

Rest in peace Mr. Sallis. I really enjoyed Peters portrayal of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit adventures, He brought such a uniqueness to the character that will be greatly missed. I also liked last of the summer wine series too. Thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends during this time of loss. Godspeed Peter (aka Wallace/ Clegg).

Posted by Rie Stone - Crystal Lake, IL   June 07, 2017


Posted by O.R    June 07, 2017

My condolences to the Sallis Family and friends for your loss of Peter. I enjoyed his role in The Adventure of Wallace & Gromit claymation. He brought a lot of laughter and joy in the lives of many. May the love of God be ever present with you during this difficult time (Proverbs 19:17) ~ Linda, Queens, NY

Posted by A friend   June 07, 2017

What a long and full life! So many cannot say the same. May Peter Sallis forever be in our hearts and in God's book of life.

Posted by A friend   June 07, 2017

You brought joy to millions. We will miss you.

Posted by Sandra Boling - Dandridge, TN   June 07, 2017

He will be terribly missed by all who have loved him in his movies and tv. Enjoyed him dearly in "Last of The Summer Wine."

Posted by A friend   June 06, 2017

May the God of all comfort be with the Sallis family during this difficult time.

Posted by Lynn    June 06, 2017

May the God of all peace bring comfort to the Sallis family and friends at this difficult time.

Posted by Carlotta    June 06, 2017

Godspeed, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   June 06, 2017

Offering condolences for your loss. . May your fondest memories, loving support of family and friends, and the wonderful provision God made by means of His loving kindness (John 3:16) help to strengthen and console your hearts during difficult times.

Posted by Betty - NC   June 06, 2017

Thank you for Cleggy and his unique philosophies on life.

Posted by Suzanne - Richmond, MA   June 06, 2017

Thank you for your work. You were wonderful and will LONG be remembered!

Posted by Jodi Becker - Westfield, IN   June 06, 2017

May God's Holy Spirit guide and direct you in the coming days ahead. My sincere condolences.

Posted by C. L. - Lawrenceville, GA   June 06, 2017

Who will care for Gromit????

Posted by p r - oxnard, CA   June 06, 2017


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   June 06, 2017

I am so so sorry to say goodbye to one of the funniest people I loved. I am glad the family were with him as Norman was one of my favourite people.

Posted by Judy Morrill - Edmonton, AB   June 06, 2017

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Peter Sallis. No doubt, he will be missed by those who knew and loved him. Treasure the memories of this talented man. May you find peace and comfort in knowing that soon those asleep in the grave will have the opportunity to enjoy life again in paradise.
(Hosea 13:14)

Posted by J. Lewis - PA   June 06, 2017

I loved the Last of the Summer Wine show, and have watched the reruns multiple times. My condolences to Mr. Sallis' family.

Posted by MJ Little - Newton, NJ   June 06, 2017

So very sorry for your loss. He will be missed by you celebrate the life of someone well loved,remember the joyful times you shared (Psalms 90:10)

Posted by A friend   June 06, 2017

My sincere condolences to the family.
May you find comfort in the words
Jesus spoke at John 6;44..

Posted by The Hands family    June 06, 2017

May it comfort you to know that God as well as others care about your loss.


Posted by A friend   June 06, 2017


I've loved Last of the Summer Wine for years. Thank you for all the laughs. Sorry to see you go. RIP.

Posted by Rosie McNaughton - Lockport, NY   June 06, 2017


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - St.Agatha, ME   June 06, 2017

I have enjoyed watching the last of the summer wine and all the crazy things you and the others did. May you rest in peace. You will be greatly missed.

Posted by CHRISTINE OTTO - WEST VALLEY CITY, UT   June 06, 2017

Thank you Peter for all the laughs you gave that brightened many a day for me. Rest in Peace.

Posted by A friend   June 06, 2017

Peter was a good actor he will be missed lobed him on last of the summer wine and wallace and gromit r.i.p peter sleep tight will rember him forever always in our hearts

Posted by Danielle Dexter - Ossett   June 06, 2017

As a person of similar age I feel that I have grown up with him all my life ,we will all miss you Peter.

Posted by Peter Sharratt - Derby   June 06, 2017


Posted by Debbie Marker - Nashville, TN   June 06, 2017

I loved "Last of the Summer Wine" Cleggie was the only sane one!

Posted by Kevin L - Mesa, AZ   June 05, 2017

From our family to yours - Mr Sallis, (Cleggie) will be greatly missed.

Posted by The Grace's - Knoxville, TN   June 05, 2017

Oh how wonderful you were! Thank you for all the thrilling moments... adored "Last of the summer wine". A true star... Rest In Peace ...

Posted by Julia - Cape Coral, FL   June 05, 2017


my deepest condolences

Posted by brett ortega - skiatook, OK   June 05, 2017

We'll miss you !

Posted by Adrian Barnette - Topeka, KS   June 05, 2017

Farewell to one of thee best you will be truly missed

Posted by Liz Olsen - Bayonne, NJ   June 05, 2017


Mr Sallis contributed so much to the world of entertainment. We thank his family for freely sharing him with us and we all will miss him dearly. Also keep the fond memories and good times close in your hearts and minds, they are yours to cherish forever. God love you.

Posted by A friend   June 05, 2017

our sympathy to such a talented man, what a unique voice he had. Please know there is a promise of a resurrection for all those asleep in the grave.-Isa.26:19

Posted by - AL   June 05, 2017

I saw him in one of his film roles, a timid Victorian gentlemen in the Christopher Lee shocker "Taste the Blood of Dracula". He played a sympathetic and believable character. RIP, Mr. Sallis!

Posted by John Reid - Paso Robles, CA   June 05, 2017

When we lose someone, friend or family member, it's not an easy thing to go through. The heart and mind reaches maximum reactions and who can tell how that person affected our life. In writing we may hint how we feel but God knows the depth of our pain. My most sincere condolences for your loss. Psalms 29:11

Posted by G - OK   June 05, 2017


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   June 05, 2017

Our deepest condolences to Peter's family. May the strength from God comfort you now and in the days ahead. May sharing cherished memories bring you a measure peace. We enjoyed his character in The Last Of The Summer Wine.

Posted by The Lewis Family - NJ   June 05, 2017

You blessed me with your humor and portrayal of Norman. Multitudes were cheered. You will be remembered and missed.

Posted by Margaret Waynick - Nashville, TN   June 05, 2017

The family of Peter Sallis have my deepest condolences for his loss. May you trust in God to get you through this most difficult time. Hosea 13:14

Posted by Rose Duodu - Walterboro, SC   June 05, 2017

I so enjoyed Peter's escapades with the rest of the cast in "Last of the Summer Wine." May God comfort his family during this sad time of loss.

Posted by M. S. - IN   June 05, 2017

With deepest sympathy on the loss of your loved one. May it comfort you to know that Peter will return to the days of his youthful vigor as promised at Job 33:25. The acting community of which he had a legacy of performances will miss him.

Posted by Martha C - Skokie, IL   June 05, 2017